Johnny C. & Dorothy Janitorial Service The Next Generation, is El Paso's deluxe service janitorial business. A second generation company established in Arkansas when at age six-year old Larry Brown's Dad, Johnny C. Brown, worked as a janitor in Maddux Elementary School in 1960. In 1964, Dad had started his own cleaning business by cleaning churches in a the neighborhood in addition to his job at the school.

Seeing his Dad's ethics Of hard work, honesty, fairness and decency, resulting in tremendous respect bestowed upon him by others, and shaped the beginnings of Larry's life-long commitment to the same moral principles His vision of owning a business was to be at the top of the heap in his profession, regardless of which path he chose as his own career. His Dad also served in World War II.

Following in Dad's footsteps led him to the success enjoyed today from his commitment to the hard work and honesty his clients gratefully acknowledge and benefit from. Military service in the Army as a Sergeant prepared him for utilizing his strengths to help others. Thoughts of Dad and the memory of tough times when Dad would wake up at 4:00 a.m. to be at the job on-time, and working late to make sure things were finished properly were things that stayed in Larry's mind. He knew following in his Dad's footsteps would not be easy, but would be fulfilling his dream of doing for others the jobs that make life better for everyone in his orbit.

Everyone who knows Larry respects what he does and knows the job will be done to, or exceed, their expectations. In our modern culture, that's top of the line, no matter how basic the job qualifications. Not everyone has the patience or takes pride in a job well done. Because the example led by his Dad made him aware that every job has its expertise and it's ideas. Larry chose to be the expert. Carrying the banner of the family business named after his parents, Larry Brown runs the Johnnie C. & Dorothy Janitorial Service.

Services specifying residential and commercial services, other types of help will be available, from carpet cleaning to lawn service. Other goals for this gentleman include being a better business person and, most importantly, to do ministry and teach. Being in the Military for 28 years taught him to focus on the important aspects of life and to provide excellent service in what you do. He has been back in E) Paso for ten years now, returning because of the sunshine and the fact he can wear his gym attire indoors or outdoors and the weather cooperates. Larry Brown has made El Paso his home and Larry is the proud father of one daughter, 23 years old.

Positive attitude with a positive attitude, working with a passion, "Give me a reason to give," he says. "Documentation beats conversation," he believes, adding, "If you can't follow the paper trail, you don't know where it's going." These are words of wisdom from someone who has set and maintains high marks for being a leader in the chosen field of business, janitorial services

Another important fact Larry Brown is a representative for Legal Shield, the company that specializes in identity theft. He likes their advice and the services they offer. In this day of rampant identity theft, their service offers the peace of mind their protection provides. You never know when you can fall victim to this vicious sort of calamity. Remember to contact him if you are considering becoming a member of this type of safety precaution.

Never one to forget His family and others who were importantly involved in his life, Larry Brown also considers the community and is active in supporting events, especially those that impact the lives of others. Crediting good help their would not be a Janitorial Business.

Another important fact E-Mail is named after his daughter. Grace mother, Daniela Schwab and Larry worked together on the name of their daughter. Daniela wanted to name her Grace and he had Christina in mind. So they placedd both names together Grace-Christina because it is by God's Grace that their daughter is alive and Christina because she was born during the month of December.

When cleaning maintenance is required, contact Larry Brown at 575-616-8482 or email and let him use his skill, expertise and experience.

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